The title is self-explanatory.

While early voting makes Election Day less significant for many people, it will still provide symbolic and practical closure for what has been an exceptionally vicious election.

The purpose of this blog has been to encourage voters to support Aaron James (MA Pirate Party) in his bid to become State Representative for the Middlesex 27th.

This campaign has been about providing another option for voters.

Now, we ask the voters of the Middlesex 27th to vote their conscience, for State Representative and every race on the ballot.

Do not believe the myth that third parties cannot be viable.

Voters should support a candidate, a party or a principle.  Voters should make decisions based on their conscience, not habit or opposition.

We also ask that voters respect the ballot choices made by their neighbors.  We still live in the same district,  and the same country.


On November 8, vote your conscience.



-the Committee to Elect Aaron James.