True Progress – Event 08/30/16 (Somerville, MA)


On Tuesday, August 30th, the Committee to Elect Aaron James will be returning to the Somerville Armory for “True Progress.

Pirate Party candidate for State Representative (27th Middlesex), Aaron James will be talking in detail about the need for changes in the state’s marijuana policies, specifically the need to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use. Along with the need to deregulate marijuana in MA, Mr. James will also discuss the need for more effective addiction recovery and mental health programs.

Mr. James will also speak about the need for more contested and transparent elections, as well as disclosure of public documents.

Additional Speakers:

Stephen Mandile- Veteran’s Health Activist, advocating for access to alternative healing choices like marijuana

Bill Flynn- President of MassCann, organizer of Boston’s Freedom Rally, speaking about regulatory obstacles to legalizing marijuana in MA.

Kathryn Rifkin, Michelle Kelley- members of MassCann board.

Democracy is more than just holding elections.  Elections must be contested between two or more candidates.  Laws should reflect the needs of the people.  Elections should not be fights between donor dollars and party-anointed candidates.

Progress is possible, and it can start in the 27th Middlesex. But, it cannot happen without voter support.

We look forward to meeting voters on the 30th, and hope that they give Aaron James their honest consideration in November.

Doors at: 6:00pm
Event starts at: 6:30pm