Public Engagement

I believe politics and campaigns should be a battle of ideas.

Naturally, I have some differences with my current state representative, important differences, or I would not be running.  Aside from our differences, I most certainly believe in the need for contested elections as a medium to promote public debate. The absence of contested elections tears away at the fabric of our democracy.

On April 14th, on her Facebook page, in reference to some nasty campaign tactics, used to unseat a former colleague, my opponent asked for “thoughts on how to combat these kind of insidiously effective campaigns?”

I firmly denounce such campaigns.  I believe pubic interest and engagement is the answer to my opponent’s question. The more public engagement there is, the more political corruption is kept in check. Negativity and lies will not work in elections. It is a win-win all around.

I pledge not to resort to such low tactics, as my opponent correctly denounced. I pledge to stick to the truth and do all that  I can to make this campaign about our differences. I pledge to make this campaign about the ideas we have to offer for the state and Somerville.   Let’s discuss these differences and show the rest of the state how contested elections bring out the best of our democracy.

I hope that my opponent will be willing to make that same pledge and to arrange several debates in the name of public engagement and combating the ugliness elections have become today.   Let’s aim to have a historic voter turnout in our district this year amidst a historical presidential election.  No mudslinging. No tearing each other down.

There are too many struggling, too many homeless, too many jobless, too many real problems facing all of us, to not be focused on policies and ideas. That is what politics should be about and that is what this campaign will be about.