Aaron James to Speak at 2016 Freedom Rally (Boston, MA)

Yes_on_4_Logo_HeaderOn November 8th, Massachusetts residents will vote on ballot Question 4, a proposal to legalize and regulate marijuana like we currently do with alcohol.

Massachusetts Pirate Party candidate for State Rep, Aaron James, has long supported the push to end cannabis prohibition, and it is a signature issue in his campaign to represent the 27th Middlesex District in Somerville.

Laws banning marijuana are both wasteful and discriminatory. Fighting for legalization is the right thing to do, and this campaign is about taking the right stand, even on controversial issues.

Although we believe that marijuana will be legalized in the near future, it will take an engaged electorate to ensure special interests, like the alcoholic beverage and pharmaceutical industries are not allowed to hijack the process. These interests see legalization as a threat to their bottom line, and must not be allowed to interfere with the will of Massachusetts voters.

Come join us at the Freedom Rally on Boston Common this Saturday, September 17. Aaron James will be speaking on the need for more third party, pro-legalization legislators at the Parkman Bandstand at 7:10pm.

The campaign is asking you to please VOTE YES on Question 4 on election day! You must be registered to vote by October 19th. If you’re not registered (or just not sure if you are), you can do so online (if you have a MA license) here .

We look forward to seeing you on the Commons this weekend. Thank you in advance for your support!


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