Aaron James to be a guest on “the Young Jurks”, August 20.

Aaron James (MA Pirate candidate for State Representative in the 27th Middlesex) will be again be a guest on
“the Young Jurks” podcast, this Saturday (8/20).

While the idea of legalizing marijuana is not new, it has gained a degree of traction this election cycle, and is the subject of a ballot question to be voted on this fall (November 8).

Question 4 would allow cities and towns in MA to regulate marijuana similarly to how they regulate alchohol.  (Those
seeking a more detailed explanation of the proposed law can refer to the “links of interest” below.)

The August 20th podcast will be a chance for MA voters to hear Aaron discuss one of his campaign’s signature issues
with local advocates.

“the Young Jurks” airs a weekly podcast, 6-7:30pm Saturdays, on WEMF.
Aaron James is running for State Representative in the 27th Middlesex.  His next campaign event is August 30th, at
the Somerville Armory.

Links of interest:







Question 4